Extension to work with jQuery EasyUI


Yii EasyUI is a extension of Yii that helps to work with jQuery EasyUI library.

The extension implements widgets for writing the componentes javascript.


Download http://www.jeasyui.com/download, extracting content in js/jquery-easyui

Download yii-easyui yii-easyui extracting content in protected\extensions


Is necessary that the controllers extends of class EuiController

class SiteController extends EuiController {
    public function actionIndex() 


$this->widget('ext.yii-easyui.widgets.EuiWindow', array(
    'id' => 'win',
    'title' => 'My Window',
    'style' => 'width:500px;height:250px;padding:10px;'         




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leandrogehlen at 2014/01/27 01:13pm
Use examples

In this repository yii-easyui-website contains use examples of widgets.

I hope it helps you.

#16199 report it
omar3ar at 2014/01/27 12:47pm

@ leandrogehlen.

ok. The problem is that seeing api easyui with yii all you would be doing is just reading an action, but if that is the solution I will do so. Sorry for my English

#16166 report it
leandrogehlen at 2014/01/24 10:46am
Missing documentation

Really, the documentation don't was generated.

Currently, is necessary look the widget class for to find the properties.

You also look jQuery EasyUI Documentation. All properties have been implemented in the widgets

I will work for to generate the api documentation

#16164 report it
omar3ar at 2014/01/24 07:02am

I can see where the properties of the components? for example, what is the pripiedad to write the text in modal

#15044 report it
leandrogehlen at 2013/10/01 06:39am
Reasons for the choice

This choice has as its main point the library size. The library has only 296K, and has all the features you want in a rich interface.

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trond at 2013/10/01 03:26am
The jQuery EasyUI looks very powerful

Thanks for sharing.

My first impression of the default theme was that it looks a bit outdated, but I noticed there are several default themes available in addition to a powerful theme builder on the EasyUI website. So I guess you can easily get the look and feel you want.

One thing that would be interesting to know, is why you selected EasyUI in the first place and how it compares to other similar libraries.

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