Yii 1.1: xdateview

A Date grouped Grid View

Do you have tables (generally grid views), that have a date field? and is that date important to the your user? with XDateView you can show the user a table grouped by a date field in an organized way, that allows you user to quickly understand the time frames of you dataset.



Developed and tested with Yii 1.1.8, but should work with other 1.1.* versions.


Download and extract the contents to you extensions folder

XDateView extends from CGridView, so it inherits all of its attributes, there are however 2 more attributes.

  • dateField which tells the grid which is the column with the date info to group with
  • tableOptions HTML options for the table
            'dateField' => "create_time",//the default value

Info: Please post your questions/recommendations/fixes/etc on the forum, try to keep comments here for other things




  • Fixed bug with empty datasets missing a colspan


  • First release

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Aruna Attanayake at 2011/12/09 02:09am
modification for older yii versions

You needs to define below variables XdateView class to work with older yii versions.I checked with 1.1.6

public $ajaxUrl;
public $updateSelector;
public $ajaxUpdateError;

Thanks for the plugin

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