Yii 1.1: wide-image

One simple image extension for Yii framework

It uses WideImage (not bundled) and for now only includes Thumbnailer component that allows to generate thumbnails.



  • Download WideImage.

  • Unpack image extension under your extensions directory.

  • Configure Thumbnailer component:

        'wideImagePath'=>'../../wideimage', // WideImage relative path from application base path


  • Generate a thumbnail:
Yii::app()->thumbnailer->generate('path-to/image.jpg', 'path-to/thumbnail.jpg');

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pmaselkowski at 2013/03/08 08:12am
Whats the point of this extension?

Hardly to call this extension, sorry. What it really do? It is using wideimage around your class instead of directly, and with predefined thumb size.

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