Yii 1.1: vnotifier

Realtime notifications for Yii

This extension provides a Node.js application (notification server), and a set of Yii classes for easy usage.


  • Working Node.js
  • Node.js modules: redis, socket.io
  • Working Redis server


  • set yii application component in config/main.php
'components' => array(
  'user' => array(
    'class' => 'ext.yii-vNotifier.NotifiedWebUser',
  'notifier' => array(
      'class' => 'ext.yii-vNotifier.VNotifier',
      'apiSecret' => 'extremlysecureapikey'
  • start redis
  • start notification-server.js
  • send notifications from your app :)




  • drop messagestores
  • using api server (node app)
  • simplified structure


  • first release



  • Nice notifications
  • Error handling
  • Node app: secret handling
  • Documentation

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#13560 report it
Sankalp Singha at 2013/06/06 02:07am

Hi there!! Tried the demo, it now works!! Thanks a ton. Though had to change the code a little bit here and there to make it work. Also the Iframes do not seem to be working. I shall put a live demo of it and give you the link, maybe it would help others as well.

P.S - However, am getting a small error when I do a quick check in Firebug. I am getting :

TypeError: invalid 'in' operand style

It is stating that it is a Jquery error but I strongly doubt that. I am looking into the error, however, maybe you can shed me some light?


#13538 report it
voidcontext at 2013/06/04 04:33pm
@Sankalp Singha


the current demo source has just been pushed to github. It should work :)

#13525 report it
voidcontext at 2013/06/04 02:20am

Ohh, my bad, sorry... The demo app on github is outdated (it is compatible with v0.0.1). I will update it soon.

#13524 report it
Sankalp Singha at 2013/06/04 02:03am
Please put in on a live DEMO!!

Hi there, I tried to run the demo page. Ended up with all sorts of errors. Please Please can you put up the site live as a demo.

Much regards,


#13497 report it
javad at 2013/06/01 06:52am

it's very very gooooood.

#13306 report it
riyazMuhammed at 2013/05/21 04:46pm
Thanks a lot buddy !

Works so smooth ! Thanks a billion. I was looking for this !

#11459 report it
bonnie at 2013/01/14 07:56pm

I will do so.

#11454 report it
voidcontext at 2013/01/14 02:49pm

Hi bonnie,

You can download the source of the demo app from here.

Only the live demo is missing, but if you are waiting for the live demo I try to make it work on my vps asap.

#11429 report it
bonnie at 2013/01/13 09:19pm
Very nice

Waiting for the demo. Am on a project and would like to use it.

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