Yii 1.1: uploadmultifiles

This is an extension used to upload multiple files at a time with multiple extensions

...overview of the extension... Using this extension you can upload multiple files at a single time which can also contain multiple extensions.


...requirements of using this extension (e.g. Yii 1.1 or above)...


...how to use this extension... 1.Extract this extension into your protected/extensions folder.. 2.In Your Main.php Copy This Code...


3.In your View page..

               'allowedExtensions'=>array("jpg","jpeg","gif","exe","mov","mp4","txt","doc","pdf","xls","3gp","php","ini","avi","rar","zip","png"),//array("jpg","jpeg","gif","exe","mov" and etc...
               'sizeLimit'=>1000*1024*1024,// maximum file size in bytes
               'multiple' => true,
               'onComplete'=>"js:function(id, fileName, responseJSON){ alert(fileName); }",
                                 'typeError'=>"{file} has invalid extension. Only {extensions} are allowed.",
                                'sizeError'=>"{file} is too large, maximum file size is {sizeLimit}.",
                                'minSizeError'=>"{file} is too small, minimum file size is {minSizeLimit}.",
                                'emptyError'=>"{file} is empty, please select files again without it.",
                                'onLeave'=>"The files are being uploaded, if you leave now the upload will be cancelled."
               'showMessage'=>"js:function(message){ alert(message); }"

4.In Your Controller

public function actionUpload()
        $folder=Yii::getPathOfAlias('webroot').'/upload/';// folder for uploaded files
        $allowedExtensions = array("jpg","jpeg","gif","exe","mov","mp4");//array("jpg","jpeg","gif","exe","mov" and etc...
        $sizeLimit = 100 * 1024 * 1024;// maximum file size in bytes
        $uploader = new qqFileUploader($allowedExtensions, $sizeLimit);
        $result = $uploader->handleUpload($folder);
        $return = htmlspecialchars(json_encode($result), ENT_NOQUOTES);
        $fileSize=filesize($folder.$result['filename']);//GETTING FILE SIZE
        $fileName=$result['filename'];//GETTING FILE NAME
        //$img = CUploadedFile::getInstance($model,'image');
        echo $return;// it's array

5.This will work like charm. 6.If u need to add or choose the size of ur upload and download just change in the view widget.

Enojy file uploading

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Yair at 2014/10/27 06:05am
Wrong logic

Hi manoj,

I believe the zohan has a valid point. In qqFileUploader.php in line 87 you have

if ($postSize > $this->sizeLimit || $uploadSize > $this->sizeLimit){
            $size = max(1, $this->sizeLimit / 1024 / 1024) . 'M';
            die("{'error':'increase post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to $size'}");

which mean: if the ini files max is greater that what we allow, tell the user to increase it and die.

The correct login IMHO is like the zohan suggested

if ($postSize < $this->sizeLimit || $uploadSize < $this->sizeLimit){
            $size = max(1, $this->sizeLimit / 1024 / 1024) . 'M';
            die("{'error':'increase post_max_size and upload_max_filesize to $size'}");

Thank you for a great extension.

#12762 report it
Bibi40k at 2013/04/10 11:24am
post_max_size & upload_max_size error

hi, it doesn't matter if you set post_max_size and upload_max_size into php.ini unless values ARE IDENTICAL with the ones from this extensions.

#11117 report it
Manoj M at 2012/12/18 08:54am

Hello The Zohan ,

Its present in qqFileUploader.php in line 87.

#11016 report it
The Zohan at 2012/12/10 11:10am
Vague documentation


Its not clear how variables set in the widget are being passed onto the controller and you assume people know where to "if ($postSize > $this->sizeLimit || $uploadSize > $this->sizeLimit) to if ($postSize < $this->sizeLimit || $uploadSize < $this->sizeLimit) "

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