Yii 1.1: updatedaddthis

Updated version of AddThis widget by thiagovidal

This widget is just a tiny update of original code by thiagovidal — http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/addthis

I had to add some custom buttons, but original code didn't allow to add custom data to service's [A] HTML element. I've changed code a bit so widget's $showServices property can contain associative arrays within, where key is the service code (as per AddThis documentation), and value will be passed as htmlOptions to [A] HTML element.


$this->widget('application.extensions.addThis', array(



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yiinighter2000 at 2017/08/27 07:40am
can you please give an example how can i change the icon for a service (like facebook)

and also for the 'DefaultButton' (addthis plus button).

Many thanks!

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