Yii 1.1: uni-form

Yii Uni-Form integration

This extension helps to integrate Uni-Form (http://sprawsm.com/uni-form/) framework that standardizes form markup and styles it with CSS.




  • Yii 1.0 or above


  • Extract the release file under protected/components


See the following code example:

<?php $this->widget('application.components.UniForm'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::beginForm(); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::errorSummary($authitem); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::openTag('fieldset', array('class'=>'inlineLabels')); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::openActiveCtrlHolder($authitem,'name'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeLabelEx($authitem,'name'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeTextField($authitem, 'name', array('maxlength'=>64)); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::closeCtrlHolder(); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::openActiveCtrlHolder($authitem,'type'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeLabelEx($authitem,'type'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeDropDownList($authitem, 'type', AuthItem::model()->typeOptions); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::closeCtrlHolder(); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::openActiveCtrlHolder($authitem,'description'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeLabelEx($authitem,'description'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeTextArea($authitem,'description',array('rows'=>3, 'cols'=>50)); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::closeCtrlHolder(); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::openActiveCtrlHolder($authitem,'bizrule'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeLabelEx($authitem,'bizrule'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeTextArea($authitem,'bizrule',array('rows'=>3, 'cols'=>50)); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::closeCtrlHolder(); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::openActiveCtrlHolder($authitem,'data'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeLabelEx($authitem,'data'); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::activeTextArea($authitem,'data',array('rows'=>2, 'cols'=>50)); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::closeCtrlHolder(); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::closeTag('fieldset'); ?>
<div class="buttonHolder">
<?php echo CUFHtml::resetButton(Yii::t('general', 'Reset')); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::submitButton($update ? Yii::t('general', 'Save') : Yii::t('general', 'Create')); ?>
<?php echo CUFHtml::endForm(); ?>

Change Log

September 6, 2009

  • Small fixes

April 21, 2009

  • Initial release.

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#2689 report it
Trejder at 2011/01/29 09:58am
Thank you

Thank you very much! That's clears everything! :] Have a nice weekend...

#2687 report it
fduch at 2011/01/29 05:21am
There was description

When I published extension, description was here :) Looks like it was lost while convert site to new design/form. Anyway - I updated description.

#2680 report it
Trejder at 2011/01/27 06:18am
Extension description...

Would be nice, if you could write at least one-two line description of what this extension is for or what does it do? Leaving just "This extension is ..." and letting user guess isn't the best approach after all...

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