Yii 1.1: tile-slide-menu

Tile Slide Menu to show tiled images containing links

This is my first public extension that allows to show a user menu based on tiled images sliding in the screen


  • Tested on Yii 1.1.10 but should work on previous versions
  • jQuery


This extension is a widget so the usage is very simple:

  • Unzip the extension in the application/protected/extensions/ folder
  • In a view where you want to present the menu use something like:
$this->widget('ext.TileSlideMenu.TileSlideMenu', array(
    'menuTitle'=>'Yii Framework',
            'text' => 'Main Site',
            'text' => 'Demos',
            'text' => 'Guide',
            'text' => 'Class Reference',
            'text' => 'Wiki',
            'text' => 'Extensions',
            'text' => 'Forum',
            'text' => 'Live Chat',

The following widget options are available:

  • cssFile - CSS File based on the included CSS file to customize the aspect of the menus

  • menuTitle - A string to show as a menu title. If empty no title is displayed

  • imageWidth - the value for width img tag property. Defaults to 100

  • imageHeight - the value for height img tag property. Defaults to 100

  • defaultImage - The default image to show if no image is configured for a menu item. Defaults to included Yii logo

  • defaultUrlTarget - The default url target. Uses the same allowed values as target property. See http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_a_target.asp

  • items - array containing the menu items. Each item is allowed to have the following options:

    • visible - Boolean

    • imagePath - The path for the image to use on this menu item

    • urlTarget - The target for the menu item link. See http://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_a_target.asp

    • text - Item text to show bellow on mouse over


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Artur Oliveira at 2012/10/01 07:58am
tile-slide-menu widget of a widget?

Please explain better what you want to do.

#10014 report it
lienmt at 2012/09/29 04:33pm
tile-slide-menu widget of a widget?

a really nice ext, thanks.

i would like to add into the items array a widget, is this possible in some way? because i dont know how to do it :-/

thx in advance

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