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Yii 1.1: testyii

Lightweight auto testing script for YiiFramework


The correct updated file has now been uploaded. Sorry about the mixup.


Yii 1.4 or above

Mac OSX 10.5+ or Linux


Growl 1.2.x (http://growl.info/)


TestYii by Evan Frohlich, Matteo Rinaudo and Eric McGill is a light version of the ror original.

Just follow the directions and when you make changes to your project your tests will run auto-magically.

You will receive Pass/Fail style Growl notifications.

Place TestYii in your project direcotry one level above 'webapp/'

1) CD into the {YourProjectDir}/TestYii

2) ./testyii.sh {optional args}

Optional Args

a) unit "./testyii.sh unit"

b) functional "./testyii.sh functional"

c) both "./testyii.sh both"

d) null {the default is unit} "./testyii.sh"


Now takes an optional second param to define the 'webapp' directory (default is still 'webapp') Example:

A) "./testyii.sh unit app"

b) "./testyii.sh functional appdir"

c) "./testyii.sh" (for 'webapp' dir)


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#4606 report it
evan108108 at 2011/07/25 10:57pm
UPDATE: You can now pass in the name of the 'webapp' directory to be used

Hi danaluther,

Great suggestion! sorry it took so long to get this feature added.

#3907 report it
Dana at 2011/05/19 09:08pm
Works pretty smoothly

I had to adjust mine slightly since I don't use the directory structure that you mentioned. It would be a nice option to be able to pass in the name of the 'webapp' directory to be used.

#3905 report it
Dana at 2011/05/19 08:22pm
So that's what you guys are up to ;)

Can't wait to check it out -- Dana

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