Yii 1.1: smsconnexion

You can send SMS messages using SMSConneXion API with only one line of code.

This Extension Helps You To Send Sms Messages Using sms Connexion Api. You Can Also Get The Current Balance Of Your Account.
To Use This Extention You Need A sms Connexion Licence. If Anyone Needs A Demo Of This Extension Please Contact :
Simon Mathew , support@celusion.com


  1. cURL.
  2. Yii 1.1 or above.


  1. Copy the smsconnexion folder to your extensions folder (usually in protected/extensions/).
  2. In configuration, add the following component:
  'components' => array(  
          'SMSConneXion' => array(  
             'smxUsername'=>'your SMSConneXion user',  
             'smxPassword'=>'your SMSConneXion password',  
             'smxSecret'=>'your SMSConneXion Secret Key',  


  1. Send messages to Single User as follows:

    Yii::app() ->SMSConneXion ->sendSMS(array ('to'=>'xxxxxx','message'=>'Hello'));
  2. Sending Bulk SMS as follows:

     Yii::app() -> SMSConneXion -> sendSMS(array ('to'=>array ('xxxxxx','yyyyyy'), 'message'=>' Hello '));
  3. Check Balance as follows:

    $result = Yii::app() -> SMSConneXion -> getBalance();
    Type of user : $result['user_type'].   
    Balance amount : $result['user_balance'].


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Rohit Suthar at 2014/10/17 07:46am

Nice one!

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