A very simple API module for your existing project.


This is a module for providing very simple Restful API which automatically detects your existing models and finds the results.

Installation Steps

Step : 1 Copy the downloaded file into your protected/modules/ folder

Step : 2 Add the module in your config/main.php file under modules array as api.

Step : 3 Check by accessing

Note : In your request, you must specify your model name For example

//var data = {"name":"api1","phone":"234343","message":"sample message 4"}; // for POST method
        var data = {"id":"3"}; // for GET Method
        //var data = {"name":"my api success"}; // for PUT method
        //var data = {"id":"1"}; // For DELETE method
            url:"<?php echo Yii::app()->request->baseUrl; ?>/api?model=<your_module>&key=D3das==", // replace with your module 
//use the authentication key in base64 encoded format           
            data:data, //No need to add for GET and DELETE methods
            type: 'GET',

_ This is the start up version 0.1 The next version will be with more authentication and little bit tricks with your existing model for ease of accessing of database table vlaues._

GitHub Repository Link : api

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#15737 report it
Arockia Johnson SR at 2013/12/10 12:38pm
Not yet

The version 0.2 is in progress with full feature of restful. Will be updated soon

#15726 report it
nineinchnick at 2013/12/10 08:40am
public repo

Do you have any public repository for this extenions, like on Github?

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