Yii 1.1: sensorario-url-route

Create SEO URL with annotations

With this module, you can rewrite url simply editing comments on your actions. For Example you can convert "index.php/site/index" in "/homepage" in this way:

class SiteController {
     * @Route(name="homepage");
    public function actionIndex()


Yii 1.1 or above


First of all you need to download SensorarioUrlRoute and put it in modules folder. Then edit your config file

'modules' => array(

Also, remeber to set urlManager:

// application components
    'components' => array(
        'urlManager' => array(
            'urlFormat' => 'path',
            'rules' => require __DIR__ . '/../modules/SensorarioUrlRoute/routing.php',

To generate url using anotations go to index.php/SensorarioUrlRoute and generate or erase all your SEO frendly url =). All routes will be stored in a particular array and just included in config file.


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