Yii 1.1: russianlanguagesupport

This extension add a function for inflect russian nouns

This extension provide a method for the russian nouns inflection.

It is based on the yandex's inflexion service.

It saves already inflected words in a table, on order to minimize the request to the service.


Add to the database the words' table (definition in schema.sql) Place the folder in extension, and add it to import



For inflect a word, use:

russianLanguageSupport::declinate('мама', 'rod');

The cases are:

  • 'nom': Nominative - Именительный
  • 'gen': Genitive - Родительный
  • 'dat': Dative - Дательный
  • 'acc': Accusative - Винительный
  • 'str': Instrumental - Творительный
  • 'prep': Prepositional - Предложный

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samdark at 2011/04/14 05:15am

There's also http://phpmorphy.sourceforge.net/dokuwiki/

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zaccaria at 2011/04/14 04:04am
re: link error

I cannot create a link to an example, anyway now I liked a page of explanation of the project.

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Maurizio Domba Cerin at 2011/04/14 03:46am
link error

NOTE: The link to yandex's inflexion service gives error 403 Forbidden

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zaccaria at 2011/04/14 03:11am
call for help

This extension relies on a yandex's service, which doesn't work for plural cases.

Does anyone know a better service? If you point here I would be pleased to upgrade the extension.

I'd like very much a service based on an open source project and not commercial and, if possible, with plural cases.

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