QR Code Generator using Google API

This extension generates QR Code matrix using google API. It generates qrcode image and also stores it (into given path).

You can change all parameters of qrcode like 'content','height','width','error correction','enconding' etc.

To save qrcode image into specified folder, you can change the path by changing the value of $filePath and $fileUrl in QRCode.php file

Google API reference link to Google API Reference.


Extract the release file under protected/extensions


$this->widget('application.extensions.qrcode.QRCode', array(
            'content' => 'http://google.com/VH0001', // qrcode data content
            'filename' -> 'qrcode.png' // image name (make sure it should be .png)
            'width' => '150', // qrcode image height 
            'height' => '150', // qrcode image width 
            'encoding' => 'UTF-8', // qrcode encoding method 
            'correction' => 'H', // error correction level (L,M,Q,H)
            'watermark' => 'No' // set Yes if you want watermark image in Qrcode else 'No'. for 'Yes', you need to set watermark image $stamp in QRCode.php

Note:* Give any suggestion as comment. I will update according to that

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longwest at 2015/03/29 10:05pm
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banago at 2013/10/27 09:09am
there is an error in the example
'filename' -> 'qrcode.png'

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