Send push notifications from your site to mobile device (Mobile app ready)

Jeapie is a mobile app that receives native push notifications and stores them in feed. Jeapie-yii extension allows you to send native mobile PUSH notifications programmaticaly via Jeapie scripting API

Sign up Jeapie and create your notification provider (get your API token) - http://dashboard.jeapie.com You can invite users to subscribe on your provider. Install Jeapie mobile app and login. You can send demo-message from application dashboard. Having API token you can send messages from Yii.


  • Yii 1.1 or above;
  • curl enabled;



    'Jeapie' => array(
        'class' => 'ext.Jeapie.PushMessageComponent',
        'configs' => array(        //optional parameter
            'token' => 'userToken',
            'title' => 'title',
            'message' => 'message',
            'priority' => 0,

Sending message

// to yourself
    ->setToken('tokenKey')          // require
    ->setTitle('titleOfMessage')    // not require
    ->setMessage('bodyOfMessage')   // require
    ->setPriority(0)                // not require. can be -1, 0, 1
    ->disableSslVerification()      // optional
    ->personalSend();                       // return true or false
// to subscriber of your provider
    ->setEmails(array('login@exmple.com'))       // require for users send
    ->sendUsers();                   // return true or false
// to all subscribers of your provider
    ->broadcastSend();               // return true or false


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Ahamed Rifaideen at 2013/06/18 12:41am
How to notify multiple users

could to help me how to notify multi users? is it possible

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jeapie at 2013/06/03 06:24am
Ahamed Rifaideen

Dear, Ahamed. This extension is a wrapper over Jeapie API. You can download it's sources on GitHub To start send messages programmaticaly from your projects, you have to register on dashboard and get your personal User-key and Application token. With this two keys you can initialize yii extension and send messages. Please, don't forget to install and login your mobile device Jeapie app which receives and stores notifications.

Best Regards from Jeapie team.

#13510 report it
Ahamed Rifaideen at 2013/06/03 06:11am

I tried its demo nice is working.. but where to download this extension?

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