Yii 1.1: ps-yii-extensions

Pogostick Yii Extension Library : A library of useful components, widgets, and classes (jQueryUI/jqGrid/jqRating)

This extension provides extended behavior functionality and dynamic option functionality.


Included are:

  1. Generic RESTful API base class (CPSApiComponent/CPSApiWidget)
  2. Wrapper for jqGrid (supporting ALL jQuery UI themes)
  3. Wrapper for jqRating (star rating widget)
  4. Wrapper for ALL jQuery UI widgets
  5. Yelp API component (CPSYelpApi)
  6. Facebook Connect component (CPSFacebookConnect)
  7. Twitter API component (CPSTwitterApi). This requires PHP oauth
  8. Wrapper for ALL jQuery Tools widgets

New components will be added as I get time. The documentation, source code, and release packages are all at the googlecode site @ http://ps-yii-extensions.googlecode.com.




More documentation is available at http://ps-yii-extensions.googlecode.com/svn/doc.


  • Yii 1.0.4 or above

Change Log

June 15, 2009

  • Release 1.0.4
  • Added support for jQuery Tools
  • Cleaned up errors when running E_ALL | E_STRICT

June 11, 2009

  • Release 1.0.3
  • Added new CPSOAuthBehavior and CPSOAuthComponent for use with OAuth web sites
  • Rebuilt CPSTwitterApi with almost all Twitter API functions as methods (requires PHP oauth from PECL)
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and performance improvements

May 31, 2009

  • Release 1.0.2
  • Reworked js includes from widgets to work in AssetManager, no additional directories are required to use this library now. Just instantiate the widget and go. All include files are managed automatically.
  • Minor tweaks to options engine
  • Updated jqGrid to version 3.5 which now includes jqUI themes
  • Included all jqGrid code into zip
  • Example view file for jqUI wrapper class (in widgets/jqui/jqui_examples.php).

May 30, 2009

  • Release 1.0.1
  • Changed some base functionality for CPSOptionManager as I found collisions with multiple components in the same view
  • Added new CPSjqUIWrapper class. Allows you to use any jQuery UI widget

May 27, 2009

  • Release 1.0.0

May 10, 2009

  • Beta RC1

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#5107 report it
radoo at 2011/09/14 04:04pm
rewrites? new release?

I had a hard time following through to the current release of this library, which has been rewritten about 3 times despite being awesome in the first place.

Still, it would be really nice to get some news on the progress with yiixl (or is it PYEL) so we know if we should jump in with the existing releases or just hold our breath a little longer and wait for yiixl v.next!!!

Give us a sign!

#2014 report it
Antonio Ramirez at 2010/11/01 03:19pm
Cannot read tutorials

Hi there,

Great resources to learn about events and behaviours as you said but .pkg installers for tutos not working on my mac leopard.

#1311 report it
phazei at 2009/09/20 02:15am

Well, I was about to suggest a different star rating, when I noticed there was a rating button on the comment, so I looked at the API and found: http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/api/CStarRating

Which is the integrated version of the rating plugin I was going to suggest. heh

#1583 report it
mb at 2009/06/15 09:46am
very nice

my comment reloaded ;)

(it works only with error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE)

realy easy to use

#1594 report it
mb at 2009/06/11 07:24am
nice, but...

can you add a readable docu in text format? filetypes: pkg - Installer script - Next pkg - Package - AppleLink/Microsoft Developer Studio pkg - database - P-CAD pkg - Package File - pcAnywhere pkg - UPICOM Package Info File - UBICOM Unity pkg - 3D-Modell - CoCreate OneSpaceDesigner

i use a mac


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