Does what CProfileLogRoute does, but logs to a file instead of to the page.

Logs profiling data to a file.

This is mostly a copy and paste of CProfileLogRoute, but instead of extending CWebRoute, it extends CFileLogRoute.

Logs time / date stamps with millisecond precision.


Yii 1.1 or above


Drop this class into your extensions directory, make sure that it's imported either explicitly

'import' => array('extensions.EProfileFileLogRoute')

or implicitly

'import' => array('extensions.*')

Here is an example configuration:

'log' => array(
            'class' => 'CLogRouter',
            'routes' => array(
                    'categories' => 'application',
                    'logFile' => 'profile.log',
                    'groupByToken' => 'true',
                    'report' => 'summary'


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boingolover at 2014/04/12 11:36am
Bug fix

I just updated this to fix an issue with some summary report profiling data not working as expected. The gz file has been updated, github has been updated. If anyone is using this and downloaded it before this comment was posted, please update to this latest version.

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