Yii 1.1: opencms

Complete CMS, with full multilingual support and a fully OpenSource based on Yii. It has frontend and backend settings.

# Yii OpenCMS #



Reference: https://github.com/bryglen/yii-advanced-template

        api/            contains api configurations
        backend/        contains backend configurations
        common/         contains shared configurations
        console/        contains console configurations
        frontend/       contains frontend configurations
        test/           contains test driven development configurations
        api/            contains api controller
        backend/        contains backend controller
        frontend/       contains frontend controller
        _base           contains base models (generated by gii)
        _common         contains common classes used in backend, frontend and api
        api             contains api-specific classes
        backend         contains backend-specific classes
        frontend        contains frontend-specific classes

/environment.php         contains environment-based



1. /assets - change permission to writable by webserver
2. /protected/runtime - change permission to writable by webserver
3. /uploads - change permission to writable by webserver
4. /environment.php - add your absolute path to $local_path
5. /index.php - define Yii Framework path to $local_path
6. /protected/config/dbconnect.local.php - adjust configuration
7. /protected/data/yiiopencms.sql - import database

You should be able to access:

  • Frontend using the URL http://localhost/opencms/
  • Backend using the URL http://localhost/opencms/backend/ user:admin passwd: admin

Author: juankaka@gmail.com

Version: 0.1.0

  Demo: http://www.mediatic.com.co/proyectos/yiiopencms/

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#18963 report it
oligalma at 2015/02/13 12:35pm
CDbException and ordering

The CMS looks good. However, I came across a CDbException when deleting a page I created:

CDbException CDbCommand falló al ejecutar la sentencia SQL: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'aboutuss' for key 'name'. The SQL statement executed was: INSERT INTO cms_page (parentId, published, deleted, name, created) VALUES (:yp0, :yp1, :yp2, :yp3, NOW())

/opt/lampp/htdocs/yiicms/protected/modules/cms/components/Cms.php(170): CActiveRecord->save(false)

165         if (preg_match('/^[\w\d\._-]+$/i', $name) === 0)
166             throw new CException(__CLASS__.': Failed to create page. Name "'.$name.'" is invalid.');
168         $page = new CmsPage();
169         $page->name = $name;
170         $page->save(false);
171         return $page;

Another thing: I changed the ordering of the menu items (dragging them) but when clicking on 'Save' the ordering is not saved.

Please fix these errors! :)

#18532 report it
juankamilo at 2014/11/11 03:35pm
Sorry de documentation is not full terminated

You need access to de Cms->Menu select "Navigation" is the default Menu, click in Add Link, Put the Label you want and in the URL put de same name of the page, you created

#18500 report it
oligalma at 2014/11/06 06:43pm
New page doesn't appear

I successfully installed the cms, I tried to create a page in the backend but the page doesn't appear in the frontend! (the page is marked as 'published' in the backend)

#17842 report it
Rohit Suthar at 2014/07/28 07:52am

Awesome :)..

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