Yii 1.1: niceditor

Small text editor, based on nicedit from nicedit.com

While working on an web app, I need a text editor. I was using ckEditor extensions and it was overkill. So here it is, NicEditor with small footprint.

May not be the best and fastest editor but it works for me.

BTW, click on Thumb-Up right above if you find it useful please


More information, configuration and copyrights of the NicEdit script is at http://nicedit.com

I have included the NicEdit script and icons in assets folder for your convenience

This extensions is created with Yii 1.1.7

It works for Yii 1.1.7 - 1.1.10.

For other Yii versions, I don't know


unpack the niceditor.zip file to your extensions folder

Copy and paste the text below to you "views" page

    "model"=>$model,                // Data-Model
    "attribute"=>$attribute,        // Attribute in the Data-Model
    "defaultValue"=>'defaultValue text here',
    "width"=>"400px",       // Optional default to 100%
    "height"=>"200px",      // Optional default to 150px


More information at http://nicedit.com

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viethung at 2012/07/11 11:01am
@sbefort: I hate that margin too

and I have to download the source to change that

#8488 report it
sbefort at 2012/06/06 11:12pm
Default Margin?

Why is the hard coding a margin of 4px? How do we reset the margin from the view?

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viethung at 2012/01/13 03:14am

Hi Metzen,

I am working on an ERP system for internal use and this extension is created out of need. I am very happy to hear someone want to improve this extension.

You can create a GIT for nicedit and do whatever you want with it. However, you need to go back to original source http://nicedit.com/ and get un-minified version to start with.

I currently has 3 big web app projects on my hands all by myself so I cannot really help

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Andre Metzen at 2012/01/12 02:28pm
How can I contribute?

Viethung Hello, I understand the simplicity of niceditor. But create the upload feature does not cost anything, so I did an action and was wondering how can I contribute to the extension? There is a repository on github?

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viethung at 2012/01/11 12:00am
@metzen: Much better than TextArea, and nothing else

This editor is for quick add/edit format text and nothing else.

I also use ckEdit in my app as well and it does not help upload image either(custom location, image rename, ...), unless you write an image upload script (I did) or buy a program from them. I have tried quite a few of so call javascript/WYSIWYG/Web editors and none of them help you with image upload either.

I understand this nicedit has its limitation but hey, I just need a text editor that is light weight and can format text. You cannot asking so much out of tiny little editor :)

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Andre Metzen at 2012/01/07 08:50am
Good, but...

Very light and easy to use, but unfortunately does not help to upload images using the editor.

#5157 report it
viethung at 2011/09/20 03:03am
@lgmontenegro: Thanks mate

It's my first attempt, and it works with a little bit of modification for my second project. Will post the changes, hopefully in November

#5055 report it
Leonardo Montenegro at 2011/09/10 04:22pm

I found your extension, follow the instructions and its function without problems.

Well Done!

#4597 report it
sebas at 2011/07/25 08:18am
Sounds good :D

I'll try it in my new projects...

#4570 report it
Harry Tang at 2011/07/21 05:31am

will try it :)

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