Yii 1.1: multiimageupload

by this module any one can upload multiple images

...overview of the module...


...yii 1.0...


step-1: extract this MultiImageUpload.zip to your protected/modules folder...

step-2: open config/main.php

        // uncomment the following to enable the Gii tool

step-3: import database form protected/modules/MultiImageUpload/data/multiimageupload.sql


type in Url http://localhost/appName/index.php?r=MultiImageUpload/photo/create


if you have any doubt mail me in dabhi.sarthak@gmail.com and for more information you can see this blog...http://yiiphpdeveloper.blogspot.in/

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#11840 report it
sarthak at 2013/02/07 01:48am
module folder

create modules folder in you protected/ folder ...and put this module inside it

#11839 report it
wanhe at 2013/02/07 01:43am

I can't find my module folder.

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