Yii 1.1: mongodbhttpsession

MongoDB Http Session

MongoDB Http Session


Yii 1.1.8 or above



Extract the release file under protected/extensions

In config/main.php:



  • connectionString : host:port : defalut localhost:27017
  • dbName : database name : default test
  • collectionName : collaction name : default yiisession
  • idColumn : id column name : default id
  • dataColumn : data column name : default dada
  • expireColumn : expire column name : default expire
  • fsync : fsync flag : default false
  • safe : safe flag : default false
  • timeout : timeout miliseconds : default null i.e. MongoCursor::$timeout


2012/06/18 ver 1.3

Modify timeout to mongoTimeout

2011/08/02 ver 1.2

Modify destroySession

2011/08/01 ver 1.1

Add fsync, safe, timeout options

2011/07/05 ver 1.0

First Release

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#15565 report it
MetaYii at 2013/11/21 11:34am
Problem with UTF-8

Sessions are corrupted when UTF-8 encoded strings are stored with this extension.

#8657 report it
aoyagikouhei at 2012/06/17 07:28pm
I modified timeout

Thanks for comment, yiisus

EDMSHttpSession used timeout for mongodb timeout. But timeout is one of CHttpSession property. I modified timeout to mongoTimeout.

#8299 report it
yiisus at 2012/05/23 04:03pm
Session in milisecons vs seconds.

I just starting using this extension and noticed that my session was being finished too quick, after looking at EDMSHttpSession I noticed that the timeout is considered as miliseconds. Why is that?

Shouldn't it be seconds just as it is in 'CDbHttpSession'?


#5687 report it
Joblo at 2011/11/01 06:22pm

I have integrated you extension in the directmongosuite

Hope this is ok for you and you will support updates there too.

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