Yii 1.1: mongodbcache

Extends the Yii class 'CCache' to store cached data in mongoDB.

NOTE: This extension is now part of the directmongosuite

EMongoDBCache implements a cache application component by storing cached data in a mongodb. It uses the class 'EMongoDB' from YiiMongoDbSuite for an easy configuration of the connection to the mongoDB.



Copy the file 'EMongoDBCache.php' to /protected/components of your application.

Register the class as 'cache' in config/main.php

'components' => array(
        'cache' => array(
              //'mongoConnectionId' => 'mongodb', // (default) configId from YiiMongoDbSuite
              //'collectionName' => 'mongodb_cache', // (default)
                  //set to false after first use of the cache to increase performance
                  'ensureIndex' => true, 

Use it like you would use any other cache component of the Yii Framework. Yii will now use mongoDB for caching.

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intel352 at 2011/05/17 11:59am

Great idea, since Mongo already operates in many ways as a caching application.

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