Yii 1.1: mflip

Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS, &Yii

This is a wrapper for Sponsor Flip Wall With jQuery & CSS.



Extract the zip file under extensions folder.

Just pass the array of items to the widget, then that's it! The array should contain:

1) PNG filename (without the .png extension)

2) Description of the item

3) Hyperlink for the item

4) (Optional) Title for the item (if different from the default title)

  • Example:

Download the sample PNGs zip file (sample_sponsors.zip) so you can appreciate this example better, and then extract the images under extensions/mflip/assets/img/sponsors/ folder. Then in your view file:

$sponsors = array(
    array('facebook','The biggest social network in the world.','http://www.facebook.com/','facebook title'),   //this has custom title
    array('adobe','The leading software developer targeted at web designers and developers.','http://www.adobe.com/'),
    array('microsoft','One of the top software companies of the world.','http://www.microsoft.com/','microsoft title'), //this has custom title
    array('sony','A global multibillion electronics and entertainment company ','http://www.sony.com/'),
    array('dell','One of the biggest computer developers and assemblers.','http://www.dell.com/'),
    array('ebay','The biggest online auction and shopping websites.','http://www.ebay.com/'),
    array('digg','One of the most popular web 2.0 social networks.','http://www.digg.com/'),
    array('google','The company that redefined web search.','http://www.google.com/'),
    array('ea','The biggest computer game manufacturer.','http://www.ea.com/'),
    array('mysql','The most popular open source database engine.','http://www.mysql.com/'),
    array('hp','One of the biggest computer manufacturers.','http://www.hp.com/'),
    array('yahoo','The most popular network of social media portals and services.','http://www.yahoo.com/'),
    array('cisco','The biggest networking and communications technology manufacturer.','http://www.cisco.com/'),
    array('vimeo','A popular video-centric social networking site.','http://www.vimeo.com/'),
    array('canon','Imaging and optical technology manufacturer.','http://www.canon.com/')
    'sponsors'=>$sponsors,    //the items to be flipped
    'single'=>false,          //flip one item at a time;default is false
    'shuffle'=>true,          //shuffle the array?
    'title'=>'Click to flip', //default title for all items. Will be bypassed if the 4th item of sponsors array is present
    'openNew'=>true           //opens the link in new tab (or window)

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J!! at 2013/12/30 08:17am
If u gave error

give the comma in the line

'title'=>'Click to flip'

'title'=>'Click to flip',

#15927 report it
J!! at 2013/12/30 08:14am
simple and nice Ext

I think very complicated to install but very simple and looking very nice...

I try integrate dynamic the data's from database...


#4237 report it
macinville at 2011/06/19 12:47am
Oh well...

Thanks doodle, I really need that :)

I'm not against down voting, as long a there is an explanation to it so it can be constructive. Just downvoting is very very discouraging, especially when you're intention is just to share something, not to mention that it costs nothing to download or use it.

I really don't have any idea why this extension received one.

Still, whoever that downvoter is, I'm looking forward for your comment and/or suggestions and/or violent reactions.

#4232 report it
got 2 doodle at 2011/06/17 10:25am
Why the down vote?

This drives me crazy that people give down votes with no explanation. I've used this extension and it's great!

I modified it slightly to be navigation on the home page, no problems, it works well easy to use, exactly as advertised.

wtf people??

good job macinville I gave you a thumbs up!


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