Yii 1.1: livegridview

RefreshGridView continuously refreshes the visible data items in the body of the CGridView table

Refreshing gridview Table on the certain intervals. Like mail client's mail boxes


Yii 1.1 or above

PHP 5 above


Copy the LiveGridView folder into protected/extensions/

$this->widget('application.extensions.LiveGridView.RefreshGridView', array(
       'updatingTime'=>6000, // 6 sec

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chango08 at 2014/10/14 07:06pm

Thanks, great work!

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Rajith R at 2014/02/07 04:53am
@Nisanth thulasi

Good Work

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Elecen at 2014/01/22 11:50am
Works like a charm

I love it when an extension just integrates so smoothly with Yii and works out of the box perfectly!

Nicely done!

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tihanyilaci at 2013/05/03 03:53am
selectCheckedRows(v) problem

Hi, I tried this extension with yii's default admin controller action. My console error log is:

TypeError: $.fn.yiiGridView.selectCheckedRows is not a function $.fn.yiiGridView.selectCheckedRows(v);

Please help

(update1: grid refreshing works anyway, so my question is just about this error log, I am courious what that means) (update2: commenting out row 23 at the yiilivegridview.js file, error log dissapears)

Thank You

Laszlo from Hungary

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David Walker at 2013/05/01 07:57am
Problem with the jquery selector

Firstly I would like to say great extension. Something I have been looking for for a while. However I did have to modify the code of RefreshGridView.php on Line 46 & 47

$cs->registerScript( __CLASS__.'# '.$id,"jQuery('# $id').yiiLiveGridView();" );
$cs->registerScript( __CLASS__.'# '.$id.'-live',"setInterval(function(){;$.fn.yiiLiveGridView.update( '$id', ". CJavaScript::encode($updateParameters) .");}, {$this->updatingTime});"


$cs->registerScript( __CLASS__.'#'.$id,"jQuery('#$id').yiiLiveGridView();" );
$cs->registerScript( __CLASS__.'#'.$id.'-live',"setInterval(function(){;$.fn.yiiLiveGridView.update( '$id', ". CJavaScript::encode($updateParameters) .");}, {$this->updatingTime});"

As the extra spaces were causing jquery to be unable to locate the element by id.

I also changed line 17 to extend TBGridview to take advantage of yiibooster but this is a personal preference :D

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realtebo at 2013/04/30 10:19am
Add a demo

Could you add a demo ?

This sounds usefull

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