Yii 1.1: juidatepicker

Date picker based on jQuery UI

This extension has been deleted. See jui.



  • Yii 1.0 or above


  • Extract the release file under protected/extensions


Use an image button to trigger the calendar, and also on focus (by default):


Set the font size (and the calendar size):


Several prebuilt themes from jQuery Theme Roller are bundled. You can make your own theme with that system, or manually.

If you need more advanced or custom functionality, I recommend you to extend the EDatePicker class and code your needs. There's a manual here (please note: I'm not related to the development of the jQuery UI plugin, so I may not be qualified to answer your questions related to it, but I'll do my best)

Change Log



  • Deprecated. C'est fini.


  • Version 1.9 - No more "advanced" mode, now the user $options are merged to the "templated" options, taking precedence the user's.


  • Version 1.8 - The default language is set to the application language, if valid, and if not, to "en".
  • Version 1.7 - Changed the way the name attribute is generated.


  • Version 1.6 - Code cleanup


  • Version 1.5 - Added support to some effects for displaying the calendar: fadeIn and slideDown. Please read the forum entry.


  • Version 1.4 - Added fontSize parameter, which sets the size of the fonts inside the #ui-datepicker-div div tag. This actually increases or reduces the size of the calendar.


  • Version 1.3 - Fixed URLs. Now it works in Windows(tm) too.

  • Version 1.2 - Added support for zh_CN, zh_TW and pt_BR.

  • Version 1.1 - Fixed a bug which prevented to use a custom date format such as "m-d-yy". Please update the widget or set:

private $useSpecialFormat = false; // right!

instead of

private $useSpecialFormat = true; // wrong :(

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#1892 report it
Mike at 2009/01/14 09:17am
Works fine

... just to improve this extension's rating ;) : Everything works fine so far - only the docs at the jquery site aren't available ATM.

Thanks for this nice work.

#1919 report it
MetaYii at 2008/12/04 04:48pm
Thanks hellowayne

Thanks hellowayne, please use the forum to post bug reports. I posted your comment there for you.

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