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Image Gallery1


Christian Salazar. christiansalazarh@gmail.com @yiienespanol, dic. 2012.

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Repository at Bit Bucket !


Yii 1.1.11

What it does ?

This widget Presents an image list (css & jQuery based) containing a delete icon and a select radio button for each image passed in the 'image' argument.

The Delete button: Is a button located at the bottom-right of each image, when pressed an action is fired, is your responsability to delete the referenced image on server side.

The Select radio button:
Is located at the left-bottom of each image, when clicked an action is fired and is your responsability to make it the default image for your model.


Insert and configure the Widget.

    'images'=>array("<img alt='120' src='bla'>",...more images....),
    'modelId'=>'article12',     // $model->primarykey (as an example)
    'selectedImageId'=>'120',   // the ID for your image...any unique ID
    'onSuccess'=>'function(data){  }',
    'onError'=>'function(e){ alert(e);  }',

Handling the request.

        the widget invokes this action whenever a user press the delete
        button or the select radio button.
        $action:    'delete' or 'select'.
        $modelid:   the same value passed to the widget in 'modelId'.
        $id:        the unique id image identificator.
        you must act in response to $action.
    public function actionMyAction($modelid, $id, $action){
        // ..do something based on the $action argument
        if($action == 'select') { ..mark the image $id as default..  } 
        if($action == 'delete') { ... delete the image ref by $id... }

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bluyell at 2012/12/18 11:44am
About adding new images

The top-left blue button labeled "To add more images.." ([ES] "Para agregar una una nueva imagen...") is an instance of another widget named: Coco Ajax File Uploader

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