Yii extension for Google plus badge with custom attributes.

Yii extension for Google plus badge with custom attributes like - show tag line, theme, cover photo, layout etc. It's simple and less code extension but work great.


Tested with Yii 1.1.14


  • Download the latest release package
  • Unpack it in /protected/extensions/ folder


Paste the code into your main.php page or also you can use this code as per your requirement on any page.

$this->widget('application.extensions.GooglePlusBadge.GooglePlusBadge', array(
        'gbadge' => array(

Usual parameters to be adjusted:

  • url: Your google plus page link (url:
  • width: Badge box width (in digit: 300)
  • theme: Badge box layout background (layout: light, dark)
  • layout: Badge box layout background (layout: portrait, landscape)
  • tagline: Display page tag line (show_faces: true, false)
  • coverphoto: Show background cover photo (show_border: true, false)

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