A gii generator for building migrations that can create/drop tables from existing database schema's.

This will allow you to create migration classes for use with the "yiic migrate" command for any or all tables in a database schema.

It currently only creates columns, and any primary keys.


Tested on version 1.1.14


Add to your preferred folder for using gii generators or just put the "migration" folder in "protected/gii" ("application.gii" path alias) which is the default location for gii.

Ensure Gii is enabled in your configuration!


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Fire at 2014/05/09 03:22am

In the Gii generator, it asks for a MigrationClass, what should we enter there?

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Fire at 2014/05/09 03:19am
more documentation

Hi there, I wasn't able to get it to work by placing this in /protected/gii/migrations and adding an alias

so instead, I placed the "migration" folder in found my framework folder under gii/generators

If possible, can you please list the alias you would create to get it working as you specified?

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schmunk at 2014/01/10 03:18pm
Related extension

Nice gii module, here's a related extension which works from the command line: database-command

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