Yii 1.1: fullcalendar


This extension is fullCalendar alt "例图"



  • Yii 1.0 or above


  • Extract the release file under protected/extensions


See the following code example:

                'title'=> 'All Day Event',
                'start'=> date('Y-m-j')
               'style'=>'width:800px;margin: 0 auto;'

Change Log

June 20, 2010

  • Initial release.

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RakhiKasat at 2017/02/23 03:12am
Jquery error on call fullcalender

Hi How can I get rid of following error

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    at Function.each (jquery.js:583)
    at Function.t.widget (jquery-ui.min.js:6)
    at jquery-ui.min.js:6
    at jquery-ui.min.js:6
    at jquery-ui.min.js:6
#15830 report it
Tanguy at 2013/12/20 10:31am
updated version available


#13726 report it
xander at 2013/06/19 08:02pm
Html format for event title

How can I change the html format events title? for example I want to bold, italic or may be putting a line break. Please help....

#13353 report it
Vicky Joshi at 2013/05/24 01:46am
How to give Red Colour on Sunday ??

hello guyz i've one problem i want to add colour on every sundays and second and fourth Saturday plz help me

#13152 report it
shiv at 2013/05/08 05:07pm
Need upgrade

This extension requires a upgrade.

#13150 report it
rajesh chaurasia at 2013/05/08 06:49am
hi friends

this extensions have some issue on yii 1.1.13 its not showing calender some css issue.

#12372 report it
Andre Lopez at 2013/03/16 06:16pm

Hello Thanks for this work, any way to show a photo or print html in the event?


#11808 report it
ranairfan at 2013/02/05 04:35am
how to change color for different events

how to change color for different events?

#11787 report it
ranairfan at 2013/02/04 04:19am
add multiple events with different colrs

how can i add multiple events with multiple colors. please help me. i inspire with your work

#7792 report it
tom@cu at 2012/04/18 10:19pm
event data tip...

TIP -- after some issues i found that if you ae supplying data to FullCalendar via a url you have to have the data enclosed in double quotes not single.

This works:

[{"title":"Thomas T","start":"2012-04-16 01:00","end":"2012-04-16 06:00","id":"2145","opID":"3","groupID":"1","allDay":false,"imageurl":"","borderColor":"#7F7F7F","shiftStatus":"1","backgroundColor":"#658ced"},{"title":"Thomas T","start":"2012-04-18 01:00","end":"2012-04-18 08:00","id":"2133","opID":"3","groupID":"1","allDay":false,"imageurl":"","borderColor":"#7F7F7F","shiftStatus":"1","backgroundColor":"#658ced"}]

This Does Not:

[{'title':'Thomas T','start':'2012-04-16 01:00','end':'2012-04-16 06:00','id':'2145','opID':'3','groupID':'1','allDay':false,'imageurl':'','borderColor':'#7F7F7F','shiftStatus':'1','backgroundColor':'#658ced'},{'title':'Thomas T','start':'2012-04-18 01:00','end':'2012-04-18 08:00','id':'2133','opID':'3','groupID':'1','allDay':false,'imageurl':'','borderColor':'#7F7F7F','shiftStatus':'1','backgroundColor':'#658ced'}]

I had to do this in my function that returns my calendar data:

return str_replace("'", '"', CJavaScript::encode($calItems));
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tom@cu at 2012/04/18 09:42am
re: Event colors

Full Calendar can but the params needs to be passed via the event data. check out full calenders site at: http://arshaw.com/fullcalendar/docs/event_data/Event_Object/

There is different css prams that can be passed to the front-end via the json object containing the event data.

EDIT- the version of Full Calendar being used is 1.4.6, you will have to upgrade the assets to 1.5.3 to use the css funciton.

                'title'=> 'All Day Event',
                'start'=> date('Y-m-j'),

you can assign the events to hard codes js by doing the following:

'eventClick'=>'js:function(event, eventElement){ 

so my full code would look like this:

                'title'=> 'All Day Event',
                'start'=> date('Y-m-j'),
            'eventClick'=>'js:function(event, eventElement){
               'style'=>'width:800px;margin: 0 auto;'
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tabai at 2012/02/13 01:16pm
Event colors

How can change the color for individual event?

#6700 report it
alex-ks at 2012/01/30 05:49am
Drag and Drop

Ok. Found the solution and fixed JS here: http://code.google.com/p/fullcalendar/issues/detail?id=1168 Problem was in jQuery version.

#6697 report it
alex-ks at 2012/01/30 04:45am
Drag and Drop not working

Is Drag and Drop functionality working in this widget? When I try to drag event to another place it returns to its previous one. Then I tried to replace assets to fullcalendar 1.5.2, events now can be dragged but they are not attached to days. They can be dragged but nothing happens, callbacks are not runs.

#42 report it
thinkt4nk at 2010/10/05 10:19pm
multiple event issue

Well, I couldn't get it to support multiple events without editing a line of the source. In line 20 of FullCalendarGraphWidget I changed




as it seemed to me that the proper consumption should look something like this

    'data' => array(
            'title' => 'My First Appointment',
            'start' => '2010-10-04',
            'title' => 'My Second Appointment',
            'start' => '2010-10-05',

Was there another way to get this to work?

#127 report it
blindMoe at 2010/09/02 01:25pm
Works great until you want to embed callback functions

Like giobien5 mentioned, when you want to embed some callback functions you will run into problems. This includes just about any javascript function you would use to handle the updating or adding of items in the calendar.

Basically this extension works great if you just want to display a calendar but not use any of FullCalendars ajax functionality to manipulate calendar events.

So this is off to a great start and I will try to update the extension with the extra functionality for everyone to use.

Sharehua, do you think you could start a google code project for this so we can commit changes we make for the community?

#230 report it
alefusion at 2010/08/02 05:49am

How to interact with the calendar (add, remove, update events)?

#278 report it
GDzyne at 2010/07/21 03:54pm
Works really well.

Thank you for your effort here.

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