Yii 1.1: foundation

An easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device.

Yii extension for Foundation V2

Foundation is an easy to use, powerful, and flexible framework for building prototypes and production code on any kind of device.

Check the Foundation 3 extension

Dive into responsive prototyping with foundation


Yii Foundation

Setup instructions

  1. Download the files and extract them to you project's desired folder
  2. Add the following code to your application configuration:

        'foundation', // preload the foundation component
         // assuming you extracted foundation under extensions
        'foundation' => array("class" => "ext.foundation.components.Foundation"),
  3. Start using it, check the documentation on using forms, and UI Components

Info: This is a work in progress, not all components of foundation are to be found in the Yii extension yet. but you can still use them as you normally would use Foundation.



0.0.4 May 20, 2012

  • Added Password, File, Captcha Fields
  • Scripts are now rendered using CClientScript::POS_END
  • Foundation.registerJs is now public whenever you want to force the include

0.0.3 April 22, 2012

  • Added NavBar and SubNav

0.0.2 April 15, 2012

  • Added Breadcrumbs and Pagination

0.0.1 April 10, 2012

  • Initial Release

Total 12 comments

#12849 report it
Trejder at 2013/04/15 03:21pm
Still coded?

Are you still working on this extension? Or maybe work has stopped and you moved to Foundation3 instead?

#10436 report it
YiieHR at 2012/10/27 09:13pm
great job

thk u for this ext

very cool!

#8832 report it
natb19 at 2012/07/01 07:28pm

You legend :)

#8831 report it
Asgaroth at 2012/07/01 07:14pm

Yes, there will be an upgrade to foundation 3. I'll work this week on it, and hopefully we will see the first version next weekend. Ill create a new extension for it, as well as a new site, so that we can keep the foundation 2 version for people still using it.

#8829 report it
natb19 at 2012/07/01 03:58pm
@wisp upgrade

I hope so, but it's not a small piece of work - it was a 'work in progress' anyway, so it'll probably take sometime to update to foundation 3. :(

#8828 report it
wisp at 2012/07/01 03:15pm

will there be an update for foundation 3?

#8817 report it
enyceedanny at 2012/06/29 06:37pm
Submitted issue

I posted in the issues page along with a screenshot.


#8816 report it
Asgaroth at 2012/06/29 06:08pm

Im seeing the site just fine using the proxy service, responsive and all. can you provide any screenshots? and please do so through the forum which is a better place to discuss this kind of things, or even better the issues page


#8815 report it
enyceedanny at 2012/06/29 05:42pm
Awesome but there's an issue.

When you view a site made with Yii using this extension via a proxy browser, it doesn't seem to properly apply all the necessary styles and responsiveness to the layouts.

For example, use http://www.proxybrowsing.com to view http://foundation.oakwebdev.com/. You can see that the layout is all off, and also - the responsive feature is not active when you scale the browser size.

For sites that's using just Foundation without Yii, it works fine.

Any ideas?

#7797 report it
wisp at 2012/04/19 05:18am

Looks very promising! I'm definitely gonna try this. Thanks!

#7729 report it
bonnie at 2012/04/12 10:40pm

Does it support html5 only. Thanks right timing thinking of such feature.

#7723 report it
johonunu at 2012/04/11 12:21pm
Foundation FTW :)

Thank you for making this extension, keep up the good work ;)

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