Yii 1.1: flowing-calendar

A nice customizable calendar

A simple-to-use calendar extension


Yii 1.1 or above


  • Place the unzipped flowing-calendar folder into your extensions folder
  • Initialize the calendar widget where you like inside of a view file:
  • You can pass the widget arguments and specify a default month and year like so: 
$this->widget('ext.flowing-calendar.FlowingCalendarWidget', array("month"=>01, "year"=>1999));
  • You can also add custom styling to it by writing your own css file (using the included one as a guide) and specifying your new filename with the style argument like:
$this->widget('ext.flowing-calendar.FlowingCalendarWidget', array("month"=>01, "year"=>1999, "style"=>"newCss"));

By using multiple CSS files and specifying the style in the widget parameters, you can have multiple calendars each styled differently, all residing on the same page!


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#16058 report it
Selim at 2014/01/15 01:02am
Can't create any event

Can't create any event

#7951 report it
yiqing95 at 2012/04/27 11:38pm
great work ; have some improve space
  1. i18n support
  2. event support (can attach event to some selected date)
  3. ajax support (next/prev month and the "go" can be loaded by ajax without refreshing entire page !)
  4. template support (one can place the header on top or bottom and change the order , this feature can refer the CBaseListView.template)

hope these features can be accomplished in the next(or step by step )version !

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