You can serach the facebook style friend functionality using this extension

Hi Friends,

Currently I develop a Facebook like Search Friend Functionality so I think it's may be some one help us.

I have created a common view on extension file,so you may not include all time view page.


Usage ΒΆ

1) First you can downloaded the extension.

2) copy the folder on protected/extension folder

3) install the extension on main.php file

'Search' => array(
            //'class' => 'application.components.Search',

4) In your view file just make sure include the latest js and extension code

$baseUrl = Yii::app()->baseUrl; 
$cs = Yii::app()->getClientScript();
$friends = array(
               'Ankit Modi'=>'/images/1.jpg',
               'parate Nitesh'=>'/images/3.jpg',
               'parate Nitesdsdsh'=>'/images/ankit.jpg',
               'parate sdsdsd'=>'/images/5.jpg',
$myInfo = Yii::app()->Search->CallView($friends);

If we want to change the any code and layout you may change now on Search.php file.

Note:copy the all images on root folder and css include on css folder not in protected folder

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