Yii 1.1: errorstream

Yii 1.0 Integration with errorstreamcom
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This package is for yii 1.0 integration with ErrorStream.com.

Installation ΒΆ

1) Download the extension.

2) Extract the errorstream folder to your extensions directory.

3) Add the ErrorStreamLogger to your log routes in your config/main.php file and update your project token and api token from the project settings page on errorstream.com. You can set the enabled flag to false to not report any errors to errorstream.com

          'class'         => 'application.extensions.errorstream.ErrorStreamLogger',
          'api_token'     => 'YOUR API TOKEN HERE',
          'project_token' => 'YOUR PROJECT TOKEN HERE',
          'levels'        => 'info, error, warning',
          'enabled'       => true,

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