Yii 1.1: epiwikanalyticswidget

A Piwik Analytics Widget for Yii

EPiwikAnalyticsWidget ΒΆ


  • UPTD 7/20/2012 Minor update
  • INIT 7/19/2012 Added to YF and Github


EPiwikAnalyticsWidget is a Yii Widget that allows site administrators to quickly place a Piwik Analytics code onto their site by only configuring a single line of code.


<?php $this->widget('ext.[path_to_widget].EPiwikAnalyticsWidget', array('id'=>$site_id, 'baseUrl'=>$baseUrl)); ?>


The widget requires 2 parameters: the Piwik site id and the url of the piwik server

The variable declarations are as follows:

@var int id         The Piwik site id found in the piwik site admin panel
@var url baseUrl    The base url of the piwik server. Should be a full url beginning with http[s]://.

If either parameters are missing, the extension will throw a CException describing the error.


EPiwikAnalytics is available on GitHub. If you're having issues try pulling a fresh copy down.

Extensions, updates, and other news can be found on my blog:

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