Customize Email Validation

Customize Email Validation

  1. Download Zip Folder.
  2. Put into protected/Extension Directory.

You can customize this extension as per your requirement.


array('email', 'ext.Email'),

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samilo at 2013/05/23 09:35am

Thanks Ravi to explain that , yes that's true if you post email as test@gmail.123 , yii email validate will accept it without any error , So let's say that for Yii Development team :) to fix it in future .

post it here :

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Ravi P Thanki at 2013/05/22 05:21am

Yii defulat email validation allow this type of input test@gmail.123 it is not valid. and this type of input not allowed in this extension.

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WebDevPT at 2013/05/22 05:06am
Unless you...

Unless you explain why your extension works differently than what Yii already offers, we will have no use for it.

If we understood you wrong, please elaborate and show a demo.

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