Makes a CGridView column to be editable. Can be used outside Yii Framework too


EEditable is a jQuery extension for Yii Framework applications enabling your application to make a tag editable by the end user. A Special class is provided for CGridView: EEditableColumn, this class enabling your CGridView to make an editable column.

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This extension is designed to be used with/without Yii Framework application this not limit the usage outside the Yii Framework limits, please refeer to the first example below this lines to know how.

Example 1: In a non-yiiframework application.

<table id='some'>
        <!-- this will select a editbox when clicking over it -->
        <td editable_type='editbox' 
            editable_action='some url to send a post via ajax request'
            editable_id='someUniqueId', editable_name='someColName1'>
            value to be edited when clicking over it
        <!-- this will display a select having the values provided 
        in the inner select tag -->
        <td editable_type='select' 
            editable_action='some url to send a post via ajax request'
            editable_id='someUniqueId', editable_name='someColName2'>
                <select style='display:none;' class='editable_options'>
                    <option value='1'>Yes</option>
                    <option value='0'>No</option>

Example 2: In a Yii Framework application: As a CGridView column.

This jQuery Extension can be used via special column inserted into your CGridView, using the attribute: class='EEditableColumn'.

    $grid_id = 'some-grid-view';
    $this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(
        // to keep this extension working after changes:
        'afterAjaxUpdate'=>new CJavaScriptExpression(
            "function(id){ $('#'+id).EEditable(); }"),
                'class'=>'EEditableColumn', 'editable_type'=>'editbox',
                'class'=>'EEditableColumn', 'editable_type'=>'select',

At Server Side

This jQuery extension send a POST to the action defined in the tag attribute named: 'editable_action'. When used as a EEditableColumn then this url is provided via 'action' option (example: 'action'=>array('/some/ajaxeditcolumn')). The action send a POST (via ajax) to your server having this keys:

keyvalue    commonly identifyes the primary key value
name        the 'name' attribute value in your column definition
old_value   the original value previous to edition
new_value   the new value typed by the end user

As return, the ajax call expects from you to 'echo' the accepted value.

public function actionAjaxEditColumn(){
        $keyvalue   = $_POST["keyvalue"];   // ie: 'userid123'
        $name       = $_POST["name"];   // ie: 'firstname'
        $old_value  = $_POST["old_value"];  // ie: 'patricia'
        $new_value  = $_POST["new_value"];  // ie: '  paTTy '
        // do some stuff here, and return the value to be displayed..
        $new_value = ucfirst(trim($new_value));
        echo $new_value;            // Patty

The extension stop working after updates.

Please remember to add this line in the widget attributes:

'afterAjaxUpdate'=>new CJavaScriptExpression("function(id){ $('#'+id).EEditable(); }"),

Exception Thrown when using CArrayDataProvider, why ?

An exception is thrown when a CArrayDataProvided is used and when the keyField is not defined:

The provided keyField 'id' is not defined in your data columns or array indexes

How to fix:

Set a value in the 'keyField' attribute, look at the provided example below this lines:

$yourData = array(array("firstname"=>"jhonn","lastname"=>"doe"), ... );
$dp = new CArrayDataProvider($yourData,array(

When using this extension on a CActiveDataProvider then this problem doesn't occurs.

Implementing CSFR Tokens

Please refeer to the issue #4 to know more about how to implement two little changes for having a CSFR token successfully implemented. (Thanks to: "")

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#17521 report it
toall at 2014/06/27 07:30am
I cant pass data to controller method by editable_options

I have in CGridView code like below:


In controller "oceny" I have method:

function GetList($id) {
  if ($id != null) { 
    $U=Szkolenia::model()->findAll('id_kompetencji = ?',array($id));
    if (isset($U)){    
return $lista;   

The problem is that $id in GetList is always null and method always return empty array. But if I use this : 'editable_options'=>$this->GetList(1), $id inside GetList is of course 1.

It looks like there is no access to $data object in 'editable_options'. Did anybody resolve this problem ?

#16941 report it
Mohammad Fareed at 2014/04/15 12:25am
how to Centralize the actionAjaxEditColumn

how to Centralize the actionAjaxEditColumn, i want to keep editable in all the views with a single actionAjaxEditColumn.

  1. please let me know how can i pass the model name trough ajax request
#16881 report it
bluyell at 2014/04/07 07:26pm
How-To Customize User Input

please sync your repo with that provided in github and take a look into:

#16868 report it
bluyell at 2014/04/04 08:24pm

sorry daniel in this moment busy, but it may help if you create a new issue in the github repository,

#16867 report it
Daniel at 2014/04/04 07:07pm
csrf token


I have an error of CSRF token. Can you help on resolve it?

#16854 report it
bluyell at 2014/04/04 12:33am

ok, please keep in touch with the github repo changes,

#16853 report it
Daniel at 2014/04/03 09:47pm
New feature


Great. Thank your for the prompt response. One more request to make it perfect is add new row. I hope we can add new row by typing it into the filter row and there is a create button on the filter cell of the filter row (above view, update and delete buttons). Hence, we only need the admin (CGridView) page. No need separate create and update pages.

The reason is that many programmers, especially my friends are reluctant to move from vb since thay have powerfull grid where they can do adding new row, update row in one place.

The other request is datepicker and autocomplete. But for this, we can simply add jquery script. Thus, i hope you can include add css class to the textfield for edit.

Thanks a lot.



#16849 report it
bluyell at 2014/04/03 03:49pm
just added the new type: select

the new pictures now show how it affect the new UI, adding a select.

#16847 report it
bluyell at 2014/04/03 01:37pm

hi Daniel, yes, in the short comming future im planning to add more UI types, at least a select and checkbox at first place added soon this week..

#16845 report it
Daniel at 2014/04/03 08:53am
editable_type only textfield?

First, let me thank you for your great extension. I really need this.

However, I have a question. what if the column is for example, status, which in db represented as 0 and 1. While in CGridview displayed as Inactive(0) and Active(1)? How can I use dropdown as editable_type?

Thank you in advance.

#16841 report it
bluyell at 2014/04/02 08:33pm
fix bug.

hi people, please keep in touch with the last versions, the first release has a bug when used in conjuntion with CActiveDataProvider, the current version fixes this bug. Please it download again from this page or pull it from repo.

#16840 report it
Hebert Porto at 2014/04/02 07:53pm
Thank You !

I just wanna thank to you for that awesome extension, worked like a charm to me.

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