Yii 1.1: editor

Text editor integration

This extension is integrate Tiny_mce and FCKeditor into Yii application.



  • Yii 1.0 or above
  • Tiny_mce or/and FCKeditor distributive


  • Extract the release file under protected/extensions

Common properties:

  • type: tinymce/fckeditor, may be set in config/main params as Yii::app()->params('editor')

  • name: required(!!!) field name for textarea

  • heigth (optional)

  • toolbar (optional)

Tinymce properties:

  • language (optional, default: App setting) required additional language download from official site

  • date_format (optional, default Y-m-d)

  • time_format (optional, default H:M:S)


See the following code example:

echo CHtml::activeTextArea($post,'content',array('rows'=>6, 'cols'=>60));
                   array('name'=>'post_content', ));


Who can customize the toolbar better - you are welcome.

Change Log

March 23, 2009

  • Bug removed. In the tinymce.php view, line 4 "toolbar" change to "theme".

March 1, 2009

February 9, 2009

  • Initial release.

Total 13 comments

#12150 report it
FlyBot at 2013/03/01 12:25pm

Tiny-MCE and FCKeditor added to downloads now

#12145 report it
sanguina at 2013/03/01 03:42am
no scripts for fckeditor and tinymce ?

after trying hard to get this work, i noticed that the folders fckedito and tinymce do not conatin the scripts named fckeditor.js or tinymce.js.

No where do we get this scripts from. fckeditor apparently has changed to ckeditor and ck editor is a huge thing with many folders and subfolders.

can you please provide links to contetns that go into these two folders?

#3616 report it
Daneel S. Yaitskov at 2011/04/24 11:09am
Compare editor with ieditor

Server code of ieditor extension is integrated into Yii.


#1351 report it
schmunk at 2009/08/30 04:48pm
Works smooth

Very nice! Slim and easy.

FCKeditor works even with ajax for me, I only had to add this: 'onclick' => ' for ( i = 0; i < parent.frames.length; ++i ) if ( parent.frames[i].FCK ) parent.frames[i].FCK.UpdateLinkedField(); ';

#1396 report it
streetdaddy at 2009/08/12 09:32pm
fantastic! just small issue with multiple TinyMCE on one page

thanks for building this extension, it works very nicely.

I had a small issue with multiple editors because it would include tiny_mce.js as many times as there were editors. This produced some strange behaviour with the Advanced File Manager dialogs.

To fix this I took out the static reference to tiny_mce.js from tinymce.php and used registerScriptFile() in editor.php to include tiny_mce.js (so it is only included once).

#1696 report it
dereker at 2009/05/06 03:31pm

Well Done!

#1804 report it
horizons at 2009/03/30 06:41pm
Works fine

thx for this extension

#1838 report it
geertp at 2009/03/14 10:05am
Small error

I think there is a small error in the tinymce code. The init function contains "toolbar" where it should contain "theme". This is also the reason why there is a "weird grey bar at the left and the standard bar (bold, italic, etc) at the bottom." like Dabore mentioned

#1849 report it
Dabore at 2009/02/28 10:30am

It works great, but a few flaws:

  • FCK editor fails in Linux because the path is set as "FCKeditor" but the directory is named "fckeditor". Changing that will make it work on every platform :).

  • At least here in windows, loading tinymce editor without any option but "type" and "name" makes it load with a weird grey bar at the left and the standard bar (bold, italic, etc) at the bottom. Don't know if this is the intended way of work, or maybe it's only my system.

#1855 report it
FlyBot at 2009/02/22 03:17am
Re: Good stuff

Common properties: - type: tinymce/fckeditor, may be set in config/main params as Yii::app()->params['editor'] - name: required(!!!) field name for textarea - heigth (optional) - toolbar (optional)

#1857 report it
cass at 2009/02/21 06:07am
Good stuff

Works as advertised.

It would be good to also inform on the docs one has to add the type of editor to the app params.

Well done!


#1868 report it
ouhman at 2009/02/11 12:07pm

I put it in the demo blog, and works fine. Good job :)

#1870 report it
Sebamueller at 2009/02/11 09:21am
works fine

thx for this nice extension! works fine

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