Yii 1.1: dwoo-view-renderer

Allows you to use Dwoo templates in Yii

Note: Latest release and documentation are availble from extension page at github.

This extension allows you to use Dwoo templates in Yii.



  • Yii 1.0 or above


  • Extract the release file under protected/extensions.
  • Download and extract Dwoo (dwoo-x.x.x.tar\dwoo) under protected/vendors/Dwoo.
  • Add the following to your config file 'components' section:
    'fileExtension' => '.tpl',
    //'pluginsDir' => 'application.dwooPlugins',


  • Dwoo syntax.
  • Current controller properties are accessible via {$this->pageTitle}.
  • Yii properties are available as follows: {$Yii->theme->baseUrl}.
  • Used memory is stored in {$MEMORY}, used time is in {$TIME}.

Change Log


  • Fixed renderFile method (Sam Dark)


  • Changed translation category to 'yiiext'.
  • New naming conventions.
  • readme_ru.
  • Added Yii varialbe.
  • Added TIME and MEMORY variables.


  • Initial public release (Sam Dark)

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CeBe at 2012/07/28 08:27am

@aidai524 I don't have a clue what your question is about.

#8822 report it
aidai524 at 2012/06/30 05:01am

Thanks your reply, CeBe. I think I want to know how to use Object's method in the view, and your suggest is use Object's data, am i right?

#8819 report it
CeBe at 2012/06/29 08:39pm
array syntax

did you try array syntax as described in http://wiki.dwoo.org/index.php/Helpers:array?

#8801 report it
aidai524 at 2012/06/27 02:23pm
Using widgets


how do I use widgets?

I tired it:

{$this->widget('CLinkPager', array(  
        'pages' => $pages,
      'cssFile'=> '',

But it not work!

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