Yii 1.1: dbprofiler

Database-focused log route with extra features

DB profiler

Instead of regular CProfileLogRoute DB profiler displays database queries and query-related info only. Also it have an ability to highligt possibly slow queries and queries repeated many times.


Download latest code from github: https://github.com/samdark/yii-db-profiler

Unpack to protected/extensions/. Add the following to your protected/config/main.php:

return array(
    'components' => array(
        'db' => array(
            'enableParamLogging' => true,
                        'countLimit' => 1, // How many times the same query should be executed to be considered inefficient
                        'slowQueryMin' => 0.01, // Minimum time for the query to be slow

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bettor at 2013/01/10 09:15am
Nice extension but doesn't seem to be working with ajax calls

I can't get this extension to display queries when initiated in ajax environment.

#6732 report it
Boula7ya El Fertass at 2012/02/01 02:35pm

Thank you verry much, I agree with someone, it's verry useful.

#5085 report it
someone at 2011/09/13 09:20pm
Very useful

Thanx a lot for great extension. Very useful

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