Yii 1.1: cornify

Bring a smile on your user's face with Cornify!

Tedious, boring work? Allow your users to take a break from the task at hand with help of the Cornify webservice!


Yii v1.0 or later is required.


  • Extract the Cornify.php.gz to your protected/components directory
  • Seek for an appropriate space on your user interface and add the follwing line to your view:
<?php $this->widget('Cornify'); ?>
  • Enjoy the sparkliness and/or fury on your users' faces :D

Oh Lord, why!?!?

Lame day at work. And hey, there's already a wordpress plugin, so why not a Yii widget?


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DarkNSF at 2011/08/03 08:03am
nicely done sir

I was trying to call one of my CRMs done, now that I have this extension I can.

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