Yii 1.1: clef

Yii Command to search/download Yii extensions

CLEF is a Command Line Extension Finder. Well, actually is nothing more than a bunch of lines utilizing curl + pcre to parse the extension repository and send back the results.

With CLEF you can search, get information and download any of the extensions hosted in the official Yii repository (http://www.yiiframework.com/extensions).


  • Yii (any version i suppose)
  • PHP with mod_curl


Place the php file you'll find in the zip under protected/commands


Get the updated usage by calling:

yiic help clef


  • 01/2/11: [new] Listings by category (v0.19)
  • 31/1/11: [fix] Fixed regexp on list action to also match extensions with dashes (v0.18)
  • 31/1/11: Initial upload (v0.17)


  • Only the first page of results is parsed & returned.
  • Not being a pcre expert, I have to warn you that this code may explode in your shell.

Bugs/Feature Requests

Bugs & feature requests can be filed @ the github page.

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eval at 2011/03/09 12:01pm
Re: progress???

@tydeas_dr: hey mate! i have some improvements in mind (looking up all pages of results, adding some sort of interactivity for paging) for some time now, but tbh i don't have any free time atm. In any case, i really don't like crawling & parsing data that can be changed at any time .. i hope Yii team could expose a JSON/XML represantation of the data.. this way would make more sense to develop a cli interface.


#3035 report it
tydeas_dr at 2011/03/09 08:07am

Hello there john...will you have any progress with your extension ? Do you think of implementing something more that what you have ? Greetings from Thessaloniki

#2721 report it
Gustavo at 2011/01/31 06:28pm

Looks pretty cool !

#2703 report it
eval at 2011/01/31 05:12am

@e6nian i added the file to hithub (https://github.com/zmf/CLEF). Hope is all ok, as i've never used it before.

#2698 report it
yes.yii at 2011/01/31 12:38am
good job.

would like you open this source via github.com making more people fork you

#2696 report it
Tipugin at 2011/01/30 08:15am

nice one! i hope Yii will have extensions package manager like ruby gems or similar in future

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