Yii 1.1: cleanassets

command line script to clean assets folder.

CleanAssetsCommand assets is console yii script to clean assets folder. I use this script to clean project /assets folder by my cronbot once a month. You can use it simply from command line or with cron actions.


  1. Copy CleanAssetsCommand to application.commands folder
  2. run yiic help cleanassets to see how to use this script

Command line arguments

--auto - makes script to run in silent mode;

--dir=/path/to/dir - specifies path to directory. If blank - system default path will be applied;

Useful info:

cleanassets on GitHub
How to Run Yiic directly from your app without a shell by jacmoe

Be carefull. Do backups

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#5336 report it
jacmoe at 2011/10/05 03:00pm
Nice one!

Awesome! This goes right into Bugitor. :)

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