Yii 1.1: ckeditor

Allows to add CKEditor in a view

This extension allows to add CKEditor in a view.


Created by Ekstazi


<?php $this->widget('application.extensions.my.ckeditor.CKEditor', array(
)); ?>

Change Log

October 23, 2009, version 0.3

  • Fixed not displaying in Opera 10.

October 20, 2009, version 0.2

  • Bug fixes.

October 14, 2009

  • Initial release.

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WebDevPT at 2012/03/05 11:40am
Another version?

Is there any other updated version of this? because this version is very outdated.

#6128 report it
tanimgt at 2011/12/15 01:47am
Default Value

sir, how could i add a default value in this editor? i tried 'value'=>'some text' and 'defaultValue'=>'some text', but not working , in case of 'defaultValue', it shows ckeditor.defaultValue is not defined and in case of 'value', it is not showing the default value, please help.

Thanks in advance :-)

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Revelis Luc Bonnin at 2011/08/01 02:15am
It doesn't work and it's very old

Last update is 2009 and we're on 2011 ! This extension doesn't work, with no documentation neither source code comment. Don't use it until his author update it : waste of time !

#3441 report it
wsl at 2011/04/13 10:45am

CKEditor.php 72: private $skin='kama'; => public $skin='kama'; 90: if(isset($this->allowedLanguages[$language])) => if(isset($this->allowedLanguages[$this->language]))

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bl9009 at 2011/04/03 06:43am
help please

i don't get it to run :( it always breaks at the point the ckeditor should be included without an error message.

i inserted <?php $this->widget('protected/extensions/ckeditor/CKEditor', array( 'model'=>$model, 'attribute'=>'text', 'language'=>'de', 'editorTemplate'=>'full', )); ?> in the content-view. the path should be the right one, because if i change i get an exception that the extension is not valid...

#3220 report it
bl9009 at 2011/03/25 08:52pm

@nayjest: couldn't it be caused by ckeditor in general? try to implement ckeditor directly into the view-file and take the page generation time once again.

#2522 report it
Nayjest at 2011/01/13 12:48pm

This widged have low performance. My page generation time is ~0.2 without this widget and ~0.8 with it. So maby it need some optimisation.

#118 report it
phreak at 2010/09/07 03:38pm
nice extension

it's a good extensions but it would be nice to have CKFinder with file browser and image upload functionalities.

#202 report it
bettor at 2010/08/12 10:05am
version update?

Can the creator of this extension update it to the latest version of the product. Thanks. Nice extension btw

#619 report it
Ekstazi at 2010/04/07 10:40am

Ok, I'll fix that

#856 report it
Imgen at 2010/02/18 07:49am
bug Fix

For fix bug with skin variable, you must download this Fixed and updated ckeditor

#1084 report it
bsboris at 2009/12/13 02:25pm
bug in v1.1

This extension has $skin property which conflict with $skin property of parent class. You should rename $skin to something else to get it work.

#1179 report it
Ekstazi at 2009/11/13 03:33am
ajax загрузка

Здраствуйте, я являюсь автором этого расширения. Можете подробней описать проблему/выслать на почту пример. Мой e-mail - ekstazyst@gmail.com

#1189 report it
Vandal at 2009/11/05 02:58pm
ajax загрузка

Возникла необходимость аяксовой загрузки формы с ckeditor'ом, при загрузке ck не мог найти ни файлы конфигурации, ни темы, ни плагины - неправильно определяются пути к ним. Решил так: Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript("id","var CKEDITOR_BASEPATH='{$assets}/'",CClientScript::POS_BEGIN); - где $assets - путь к опубликованным файлам ck. Думаю имеет смысл добавить нечто подобное в контроллер, мелочь конечно, но несколько часов на воскуривание api ckeditor'а ушло чтобы решить проблему.

#1209 report it
cshehadi at 2009/10/26 04:06pm
support for custom config files


I may just not be using it correctly, but my attempts at using a custom configuration file have failed. I hope you'll add support for this in the future. Other than that, it's great.


#1226 report it
samdark at 2009/10/20 06:37am
New version uploaded

Uploaded new version with bug fixes.

#1229 report it
Ascomae at 2009/10/19 10:26am
One is for F_CKEditor, the other for CKEditor

The one is for F_CKEditor, the other for CKEditor (fckeditor-integration), this one for the CKEditor.

In fact the fckeditor-integration would only work for FCKEditor 2.X, with Version 3 the FCKEditor was renamed to CKEditor.

The CKEditor doesn't come with an php-File I used to integrate the editor to YII.

Christian PS: I wrote the fckeditor-extension

#1231 report it
idle sign at 2009/10/19 05:24am
to romman

You're welcome to spoke any language you want as long as you are sure we would understand it :)

It's assumed that an extension should work out of the box, this one is not an exception. That's why I reported some to samdark.

Down to business: what's the difference between these extensions?

#1239 report it
rommanc at 2009/10/16 03:31pm
just comment

yep, code has some defects, but they are easy to detect and to fix, anyone use this extension?

p.s.ничего что я на английском?:)

#1243 report it
idle sign at 2009/10/14 11:50pm

CKEditor.php строка 98: вместо $value - $options

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