Yii 1.1: check-translations

Checks for missing message files or forgotten translations

This extension simply checks all subfolders in your messages directory for missing translation files. It also compares existent files for missing translation keys. This little script just scans the directories and files - no write access.

Future releases may contain automatic translations from google translate or any other service.

Just created this little helper for my own and wanted to share it.



  • Yii 1.1 or above (I haven't tried it out under 1.0, but I'm quite sure it'll run due to a minimum of yii functions)


  • Extract the release file under commands


I've a extra console bootstrapper console.php which looks like that:

// or where ever your yii frameworks is located
if(!file_exists($yii) || !file_exists($config))
    die('Framework of config not found.');
require_once $yii;

In your console/terminal just call it:

#> cd <YOUR_PROJECT>/protected

#> php console.php checktranslations

Change Log

February 5, 2010

  • Initial release.

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Zeph at 2010/04/24 10:51am
Handy utility

Just downloaded it but haven't tried it yet. It seems like a very useful tool.

I wonder if you've done any work on the automatic translation from Google Translate? Would love to see that.

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