Yii 1.1: cconsole

Extension contains component for working with linux, windows shell, yii shell


Yii 1.1.8 or above


You can attach CConsole component in the application configuration file (components section) or use as separate object.

Run yii console command:

$console = new CConsole();
$async = true;
$console->runCommand('newsdelivery', array('param1', 'param2'), $async);

Run *nix shell command:

$console = new CConsole();
$async = false;
$console->exec('ping', $async);

Run *nix shell command with forwarded input/output:

$console = new CConsole();
$redirectOutput = true;
$console->pasthru('sudo aptitude install git', $redirectOutput);


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djvibegga at 2013/07/05 07:54am
Re: “C” prefix is for yii ; use another one

I choose class names with prefix "C" for my extensions only when know what class must be in a core of yiiframework.

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jmariani at 2012/06/06 08:50am

Big time.

#7661 report it
prchakal at 2012/04/06 12:46am

Very nice extension, thanks!

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yiqing95 at 2012/04/05 10:47pm
“C” prefix is for yii ; use another one

all yii classes is prefixed by "C" . you can choose another one like : E ...

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