Yii 1.1: another-scrolltop

A jQuery scrolltop script based on the Yii scrolltop extension (http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/scrolltop)

This extension shows a fixed up arrow at the bottom right of the page when the page scroll value is higher than the 'fadeTransitionStart' provided value.


Unzip the source in your extension folder.


$this->widget('ext.scrolltop.ScrollTop', array(
    //Default values
    'speed' => 'slow'

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Junior - df9 at 2012/11/19 06:47am
Thumb up

Surely, thumb up!

Thank you very much!


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Jales Monteiro at 2012/08/01 02:26am

no meu ainda deu erro: eu transferi a propriedade padding:10px 12px; do elemento scroll-top-arrow para o scroll-top e aumentei a altura do scroll-top para 53px, aí pegou ;) tbm adicionei a opcao de mudar a cor do fundo pra ficar mais estilizado e a propriedade cursor:pointer ao scroll-top pq eu prefiro com a mãozinha :D

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