Class yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect

Inheritanceyii\authclient\OpenIdConnect » yii\authclient\OAuth2 » yii\authclient\BaseOAuth » yii\authclient\BaseClient » yii\base\Component » yii\base\BaseObject
Implementsyii\authclient\ClientInterface, yii\base\Configurable
Available since version2.1.3
Source Code

OpenIdConnect serves as a client for the OpenIdConnect flow.

Application configuration example:

'components' => [
    'authClientCollection' => [
        'class' => 'yii\authclient\Collection',
        'clients' => [
            'google' => [
                'class' => 'yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect',
                'issuerUrl' => '',
                'clientId' => 'google_client_id',
                'clientSecret' => 'google_client_secret',
                'name' => 'google',
                'title' => 'Google OpenID Connect',
    // ...

This class requires spomky-labs/jose library to be installed for JWS verification. This can be done via composer:

composer require --prefer-dist "spomky-labs/jose:~5.0.6"

Note: if you are using well-trusted OpenIdConnect provider, you may disable $validateJws, making installation of spomky-labs/jose library redundant, however it is not recommended as it violates the protocol specification.

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Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$allowedJwsAlgorithms array JWS algorithms, which are allowed to be used. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
$apiBaseUrl string API base URL. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
$authUrl string Authorize URL. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
$autoRefreshAccessToken boolean Whether to automatically perform 'refresh access token' request on expired access token. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
$clientId string OAuth client ID. yii\authclient\OAuth2
$clientSecret string OAuth client secret. yii\authclient\OAuth2
$configParamsCacheKeyPrefix string The prefix for the key used to store \yii\authclient\configParams data in cache. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
$issuerUrl string OpenID Issuer (provider) base URL, e.g. `https://example. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
$scope {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
$tokenUrl string Token request URL endpoint. yii\authclient\OAuth2
$validateAuthState boolean Whether to use and validate auth 'state' parameter in authentication flow. yii\authclient\OAuth2
$validateJws boolean Whether to validate/decrypt JWS received with Auth token. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
$version string Protocol version. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__call() Calls the named method which is not a class method. yii\base\Component
__clone() This method is called after the object is created by cloning an existing one. yii\base\Component
__construct() Constructor. yii\base\BaseObject
__get() Returns the value of a component property. yii\base\Component
__isset() Checks if a property is set, i.e. defined and not null. yii\base\Component
__set() Sets the value of a component property. yii\base\Component
__unset() Sets a component property to be null. yii\base\Component
api() Performs request to the OAuth API returning response data. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
applyAccessTokenToRequest() Applies access token to the HTTP request instance. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
attachBehavior() Attaches a behavior to this component. yii\base\Component
attachBehaviors() Attaches a list of behaviors to the component. yii\base\Component
authenticateClient() Authenticate OAuth client directly at the provider without third party (user) involved, using 'client_credentials' grant type. yii\authclient\OAuth2
authenticateUser() Authenticates user directly by 'username/password' pair, using 'password' grant type. yii\authclient\OAuth2
authenticateUserJwt() Authenticates user directly using JSON Web Token (JWT). yii\authclient\OAuth2
beforeApiRequestSend() Handles yii\httpclient\Request::EVENT_BEFORE_SEND event. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
behaviors() Returns a list of behaviors that this component should behave as. yii\base\Component
buildAuthUrl() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
canGetProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property can be read. yii\base\Component
canSetProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property can be set. yii\base\Component
className() Returns the fully qualified name of this class. yii\base\BaseObject
createApiRequest() Creates an HTTP request for the API call. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
createRequest() Creates HTTP request instance. yii\authclient\BaseClient
detachBehavior() Detaches a behavior from the component. yii\base\Component
detachBehaviors() Detaches all behaviors from the component. yii\base\Component
ensureBehaviors() Makes sure that the behaviors declared in behaviors() are attached to this component. yii\base\Component
fetchAccessToken() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
getAccessToken() yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
getBehavior() Returns the named behavior object. yii\base\Component
getBehaviors() Returns all behaviors attached to this component. yii\base\Component
getCache() yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
getConfigParam() Returns particular configuration parameter value. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
getConfigParams() yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
getHttpClient() Returns HTTP client. yii\authclient\BaseClient
getId() yii\authclient\ClientInterface
getName() yii\authclient\ClientInterface
getNormalizeUserAttributeMap() yii\authclient\BaseClient
getRequestOptions() yii\authclient\BaseClient
getReturnUrl() yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
getSignatureMethod() yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
getStateStorage() yii\authclient\BaseClient
getTitle() yii\authclient\ClientInterface
getUserAttributes() yii\authclient\ClientInterface
getValidateAuthNonce() yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
getViewOptions() yii\authclient\ClientInterface
hasEventHandlers() Returns a value indicating whether there is any handler attached to the named event. yii\base\Component
hasMethod() Returns a value indicating whether a method is defined. yii\base\Component
hasProperty() Returns a value indicating whether a property is defined for this component. yii\base\Component
init() Initializes the object. yii\base\BaseObject
off() Detaches an existing event handler from this component. yii\base\Component
on() Attaches an event handler to an event. yii\base\Component
refreshAccessToken() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
setAccessToken() Sets access token to be used. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
setCache() Sets up a component to be used for caching. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
setHttpClient() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
setId() yii\authclient\ClientInterface
setName() yii\authclient\ClientInterface
setNormalizeUserAttributeMap() yii\authclient\BaseClient
setRequestOptions() yii\authclient\BaseClient
setReturnUrl() yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
setSignatureMethod() Set signature method to be used. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
setStateStorage() yii\authclient\BaseClient
setTitle() yii\authclient\ClientInterface
setUserAttributes() yii\authclient\BaseClient
setValidateAuthNonce() yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
setViewOptions() yii\authclient\BaseClient
trigger() Triggers an event. yii\base\Component

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
applyClientCredentialsToRequest() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
composeUrl() Composes URL from base URL and GET params. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
createHttpClient() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
createSignatureMethod() Creates signature method instance from its configuration. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
createToken() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
defaultName() Generates service name. yii\authclient\BaseClient
defaultNormalizeUserAttributeMap() Returns the default \yii\authclient\normalizeUserAttributeMap value. yii\authclient\BaseClient
defaultRequestOptions() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
defaultReturnUrl() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
defaultTitle() Generates service title. yii\authclient\BaseClient
defaultViewOptions() Returns the default \yii\authclient\viewOptions value. yii\authclient\BaseClient
discoverConfig() Discovers OpenID Provider configuration parameters. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
generateAuthNonce() Generates the auth nonce value. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
generateAuthState() Generates the auth state value. yii\authclient\OAuth2
getState() Returns persistent state value. yii\authclient\BaseClient
getStateKeyPrefix() Returns session key prefix, which is used to store internal states. yii\authclient\BaseClient
initUserAttributes() {@inheritdoc} yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
loadJws() Decrypts/validates JWS, returning related data. yii\authclient\OpenIdConnect
normalizeUserAttributes() Normalize given user attributes according to \yii\authclient\normalizeUserAttributeMap. yii\authclient\BaseClient
removeState() Removes persistent state value. yii\authclient\BaseClient
restoreAccessToken() Restores access token. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
saveAccessToken() Saves token as persistent state. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
sendRequest() Sends the given HTTP request, returning response data. yii\authclient\BaseOAuth
setState() Sets persistent state. yii\authclient\BaseClient

Property Details

$allowedJwsAlgorithms public property

JWS algorithms, which are allowed to be used. These are used by spomky-labs/jose library for JWS validation/decryption. Make sure spomky-labs/jose supports the particular algorithm before adding it here.

public array $allowedJwsAlgorithms = ['HS256''HS384''HS512''ES256''ES384''ES512''RS256''RS384''RS512''PS256''PS384''PS512']
$configParamsCacheKeyPrefix public property

The prefix for the key used to store \yii\authclient\configParams data in cache. Actual cache key will be formed addition \yii\authclient\id value to it.

See also \yii\authclient\cache.

public string $configParamsCacheKeyPrefix 'config-params-'
$issuerUrl public property

OpenID Issuer (provider) base URL, e.g.

public string $issuerUrl null
$scope public property
public $scope 'openid'
$validateJws public property

Whether to validate/decrypt JWS received with Auth token. Note: this functionality requires spomky-labs/jose composer package to be installed. You can disable this option in case of usage of trusted OpenIDConnect provider, however this violates the protocol rules, so you are doing it on your own risk.

public boolean $validateJws true

Method Details

applyClientCredentialsToRequest() protected method


protected void applyClientCredentialsToRequest ( $request )
buildAuthUrl() public method


public void buildAuthUrl ( array $params = [] )
createToken() protected method


protected void createToken ( array $tokenConfig = [] )
defaultReturnUrl() protected method


protected void defaultReturnUrl ( )
discoverConfig() protected method

Discovers OpenID Provider configuration parameters.

protected array discoverConfig ( )
return array

OpenID Provider configuration parameters.

throws yii\authclient\InvalidResponseException

on failure.

fetchAccessToken() public method


public void fetchAccessToken ( $authCode, array $params = [] )
generateAuthNonce() protected method

Generates the auth nonce value.

protected string generateAuthNonce ( )
return string

Auth nonce value.

getCache() public method

public yii\caching\Cache|null getCache ( )
return yii\caching\Cache|null

The cache object, null - if not enabled.

getConfigParam() public method

Returns particular configuration parameter value.

public mixed getConfigParam ( $name )
$name string

Configuration parameter name.

return mixed

Configuration parameter value.

getConfigParams() public method

public array getConfigParams ( )
return array

OpenID provider configuration parameters.

getValidateAuthNonce() public method

public boolean getValidateAuthNonce ( )
return boolean

Whether to use and validate auth 'nonce' parameter in authentication flow.

initUserAttributes() protected method


protected void initUserAttributes ( )
loadJws() protected method

Decrypts/validates JWS, returning related data.

protected array loadJws ( $jws )
$jws string

Raw JWS input.

return array

JWS underlying data.

throws yii\web\HttpException

on invalid JWS signature.

refreshAccessToken() public method


public void refreshAccessToken ( yii\authclient\OAuthToken $token )
setCache() public method

Sets up a component to be used for caching.

This can be one of the following:

  • an application component ID (e.g. cache)
  • a configuration array
  • a yii\caching\Cache object

When null is passed, it means caching is not enabled.

public void setCache ( $cache )
$cache yii\caching\Cache|array|string|null

The cache object or the ID of the cache application component.

setValidateAuthNonce() public method

public void setValidateAuthNonce ( $validateAuthNonce )
$validateAuthNonce boolean

Whether to use and validate auth 'nonce' parameter in authentication flow.