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Find geolocation info of client through another API

Created 7 years ago by Kostas Apazidis (KonApaz), updated 7 years ago by Kostas Apazidis (KonApaz).

This wiki shows how to get the geolocation info of the client using another server API It could be write also as extension but there are a lots of APIs that change the below code So, I wrote the below code that works for one of them (using

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Version: 1.1
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Displaying uploaded file from DB for update with FileInput widget

Created 7 years ago by Kartik V, updated 7 years ago by Kartik V.

This is for folks who are using \kartik\widgets\FileInput to upload files from your client. How do you display an image for update after you have uploaded it to the server using the widget?

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Version: 2.0
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Overcoming removal of client helpers (e.g. ajaxLink) and ClientScript in Yii 2.0

Created 7 years ago by Kartik V, updated 7 years ago by Kartik V.

Alternatively, inline assets (JS/CSS) can be registered at runtime from within the View. For example you can clearly simulate the ajaxLink feature using a inline javascript. Its however recommended if you can merge where possible, client code (JS/CSS) into separate JS/CSS files and loaded through the AssetBundle. Note there is no more need of a CClientScript anymore:

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Version: 2.0
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