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Behaviour for Time Zone and Format conversion for Date, Time, timestamp, and datetime

Created 4 years ago by Smithesh, updated 3 years ago by Smithesh.

This Behaviour helps to view time/date/timestamp/datetime from db to local Date / Time / Date Time format and in local Timezone. And save into db in with db timezone and db format. You only need to include this behaviour in models where need this facility.

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Date Picker by examples

Created 5 years ago by Interboy, updated 4 years ago by Alfa Adhitya.

CJuiDatePicker displays a datepicker. CJuiDatePicker encapsulates the JUI datepicker plugin.

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Local time zones and locales

Created 8 years ago by Russell England, updated 8 years ago by Russell England.

The sql 'set time_zone' ensures that all dates retrieved are in UTC time. If your MySql server has the time zone names installed then use 'UTC' instead of '+00:00'.


Copy the code at the end of this wiki for LocalTime.php and DefaultDateTimeParser.php int...

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