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Created 7 years ago by Mike, updated 7 years ago by Mike.

Prevent asset publishing for CListView

If you don't want to use any of the AJAX features of CListView and thus want to prevent that it publishes any of its asset files, you can extend it and create a sub class like this:

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Created 7 years ago by sensorario, updated 7 years ago by sensorario.

Send asset folder path to a javascript of a widget

When you develop a widget, you could need one image that is in the assets folder, you can use it simply within a css. You can load a css or javascript script doing this:

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Created 7 years ago by Steve Friedl, updated 7 years ago by GOsha.

Understanding "Assets"

Many newcomers to Yii ask about the assets/ directory found under the webroot, and this article means to explain why it's there and how to work with it.

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Created 6 years ago by dhampik, updated 6 years ago by dhampik.

AssetManager: clearing browser's cache on site update

If you like the things to be short and clear, then you can skip right to a short summary of instructions at the end of this article.

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Created 7 years ago by dckurushin, updated 5 years ago by resurtm.

Yii registry, how to use it, does it exist at all?

If you coming to Yii with experience with Zend Framework for example, most likely you get used to

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